Hello, I'm Marcia Wilkinson.
I'm a web designer
front-end developer.



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Websites must look good on any device, from desktop to phone.

Creative and unique

I use my design skills to make them eye-catching and unique.


Websites should be easy-to-use and logical, so I strive for that.

Fast and dynamic

They need to load quickly and animations add interest.

Who am I?

I worked as a Content Management Specialist at Lincoln Financial Group for 7.5 years, building webpages and managing content on their CMS platform. I'm also a web designer and front-end developer.  On my own time, I've built websites with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, a PHP MVC framework and WordPress templates. I have a passion for creating dynamic, visually-interesting websites, as well as animated banners and digital artwork. View my Web and Digital Art Services website and my Professional website.



CMS content management 95%
HTML5 95%
CSS3 95%
Content creation (banners, etc.) 95%
Photoshop 95%
Illlustrator (vector art) 85%
Use VersionOne (Agile planning) 90%
WordPress websites 75%
JavaScript (use, not develop) 75%


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Phone: (336) 748-8962 | Winston-Salem, NC